Monday, August 9, 2010

We Made It

Well we made it through the first day of 2 year old preschool and 3 year old preschool. Thank God for a smooth morning! Joseph and I woke up and while I got dressed he got the kids ready to go. I was happy to get to come along since I had a doctor's appointment today. Joseph had them all ready and all I had to do was fix sissy's hair. She kept her bow on for me too! Although as soon as we pulled up to the school she said, "mama...bow." So it came off, but I actually got pictures with the bow in her hair! We are making progress! Here are a couple of pictures in front of the house. I am so proud of my little ones and can not believe how fast they are growing up.

We pulled into the school and the kids looked around and checked it out. As we pulled into the parking lot I could feel myself getting emotional. But I kept it together. Josiah does not like to see me cry and I really did not want to make him upset. We walked into the school and Mrs. Bonnie showed us to their classrooms. We dropped Josiah off first.....okay so I know I'm on bed rest, but I couldn't just sit in the car while my little one's walked in with daddy. Mrs. Bonnie introduced Josiah to his teacher and he started to tear up.....I thought to myself "oh goodness we are both about to lose it, right here right now....keep it together Maggie..." Well we did it! We kept it together. The teacher took Josiah over to the other kids and he did great.

Next we took sissy and thankfully they were in the middle of serving breakfast. All we had to say was "sissy you wanna go eat." She shook her head yes and in the room she went. Thank goodness for food it makes sissy all better ha!

Joseph called and checked on the kids around 11 am. Mrs. Bonnie said they were both doing great.

They both had a wonderful day. Josiah came home telling us all about the puzzles and cars he played with at school and asked us if he could come back tomorrow. He's also walking around asking us to smell his hand.....he says it smells like his school and it smells good ha!

On the ride home....all smiles

She took her paci out to smile for the camera

Thank you Lord for watching over my kids today and everyday.

"It is better to trust in the Lord for protection than to put confidence in man."
Psalm 118:8

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