Monday, April 25, 2011

One Day

All I want is one good picture...with both of them smiling, looking at the camera, and standing still...  Is that too much to ask for?  Obviously for the Eterno kids it is ha! One day...One day...  Either way I still get to keep these precious memories.
This was Easter 2010

Easter 2011

Thanks Josiah for giving Mommy a smile!

T-Ball Debut

 After two rained out practices and one rained out game on March 26th, Josiah finally was able to play t-ball!  Bless these kids, they have been rained out so much this year.  We (the parents) were so proud of our little Orioles.  At our practices we were all wondering how the game would go, but they all did great!  Of course it's pre-ball so they do not keep score, but Josiah still came home saying "we won, we won!"  We were all so excited this day was finally here and my Little Man was all smiles.  He was excited, giddy, and couldn't contain how happy he was to finally play.  I love it!  I know my blog is filling up with t-ball posts, but I'm just so proud of my Little Man.  Just a couple of games left and then off for summer break before starting coach pitch in the fall!

Warming up

This is an awesome picture!  My favorite so far.

Talking to Coach

Coach Daddy on third base

All smiles the entire game

In position

These girls are too cute!

Sportin' my orange in team spirit :)

Look at him in action

Talking to his buddy

Lining up to give "high fives" to the other team

We didn't practice this....

What are we doing?  They had no idea what to do!

This little kid was cute...he wanted hugs too ha!

Daddy, Josiah and his buddy Matthew

The guys...I LOVE my new zoom lens, but I had to stand a mile away to capture this one ha!

El Jinete for lunch with my family

Proud parents :)

Sissy was a little jealous...Gabby and Joseph say it's that  "middle child syndrome"  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Night in Her Room

I'm not sure of the exact date, but i wanted to post a picture of Mackenzie Faith's first time in her crib.  She started sleeping through the night at around four weeks so we decided to go ahead and let her sleep in her room.

She is such a good sleeper and we are so blessed.  It's almost as if she knows that mommy has her hands full.  I am so thankful that she can sleep through pretty much anything.  I just want to eat her up!  I love this girl!


Instead of dying Easter Eggs...

Well the plans were to dye Easter Eggs Saturday morning before Josiah's game, but instead we decided to go to Dairy Queen for breakfast!  Our Dairy Queen in Jefferson has homemade pancakes and biscuits it's really good!  Not too good for my waistline, but oh well!  I think it was a fantastic idea...and the Easter Eggs... well, we'll just have them for breakfast. There's always next year :)

After Dairy Queen we stopped by the dry cleaners to get Joseph's pants for Easter and hit up Starbucks for a White Chocolate Mocha.  Dairy Queen and Starbucks equals a perfect morning!  After Starbucks it was time for Bubba's game. Nonny, My mom and Josh came out to watch.    

This was Nonny's first time watching Little Man.  He was so excited!

After Bubba's game we came home while daddy went out to do a few jobs.  When he was finished we went to Mall of Georgia and Five Guys.  It was a little crazy, but my hubby is so sweet to come along on my "shopping adventures."  When we came home it was time to get everything ready for church in the morning.  I also decided to give the kids their baskets tonight because Sunday mornings are crazy around our house.  The Easter Bunny didn't visit me as a kid and doesn't visit my kids either ha!  I set up their stuff while daddy entertained them in the living room.  Josiah picked out his gift at Target the day before.  He's into the movie Cars again and wanted a set of Car' was on clearance 50% off!  He went ahead and opened it...I hated having to make him wait until tonight.  I also decided on NO candy this year!  It was a good decision.

Bubba's gifts

Sissy's gifts

Miss Faith
(The bumbo was sissy's, but I took it out to let Faith sit in it and get a picture.  Took the picture, but forgot the baby ha!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Dream Come True Continued...

Click Here for the first part of this story...

Finally we enter the park and the greeters are giving out baseball hats.  Perfect souvenir to take home with us and they're free!  Joseph is smiling ear to ear and not to mention it is FREEZING!  I decide to leave my big jacket and gloves in the car (crazy me!) because I didn't think it was that cold.  Well I was wrong.  I think it was in the low 30s and to add to the freezing weather it was misting.  You know that annoying rain that seems to be never ending? Rain and cold did not stop Joseph's excitement.  He did not tell me where our seats were and was so excited to show me.  When we walked up to our section we were greeted and given a wristband.  We were both wondering why they gave us a wristband, but kept on going to our seats.  Once at our seats, our greeter or concierge whatever they are called, informed us that our seats were all inclusive.  We had full access to the PNC Diamond Club and did not have to pay for anything.  We quickly left our BEHIND HOME PLATE :) seats in the cold and rain and went into the PNC Club.  We were greeted and seated at a table where we could watch the Braves warm up.  We also had a selection of meats, seafood, chicken and all kinds of sides and salads to choose from.  It was all delicious!  

The United States Color Guard

I'm a little upset that my face is hidden under my hat, but it was so cold I didn't care to take my hands out of my pockets to fix it!

We would come in after an inning or two to thaw out!

Go Braves!

Headed home after a wonderful trip.

And of course we can't escape those Lakers' fans...just for you Doby ;)

A HUGE thanks to our parents for keeping our kiddos.  Charlene spent her day off at our house and my mom took a vacation day so that this dream could become a reality.  I know it sounds cheesy, but to my hubby it WAS a dream that quickly became mine also.  I love you Joseph Eterno.  I love you with all my heart and I am so blessed without a doubt with a wonderful man.  A man who is true to me and loves me unconditionally.  A man who reassures me everyday that I am his one and only and tells me repeatedly how beautiful he thinks I am.  Every day that I wake up next to you is another day that I fall more in love with you.  I can not wait for our next adventure and look forward to the many memories to be made.  Thank you for letting me be a part of  your dream.  I love you with all my heart!

Oh and I almost forgot!  Braves 2 Nationals A BIG FAT ZERO!
Woohoo!  Go Braves!!