Monday, April 25, 2011

T-Ball Debut

 After two rained out practices and one rained out game on March 26th, Josiah finally was able to play t-ball!  Bless these kids, they have been rained out so much this year.  We (the parents) were so proud of our little Orioles.  At our practices we were all wondering how the game would go, but they all did great!  Of course it's pre-ball so they do not keep score, but Josiah still came home saying "we won, we won!"  We were all so excited this day was finally here and my Little Man was all smiles.  He was excited, giddy, and couldn't contain how happy he was to finally play.  I love it!  I know my blog is filling up with t-ball posts, but I'm just so proud of my Little Man.  Just a couple of games left and then off for summer break before starting coach pitch in the fall!

Warming up

This is an awesome picture!  My favorite so far.

Talking to Coach

Coach Daddy on third base

All smiles the entire game

In position

These girls are too cute!

Sportin' my orange in team spirit :)

Look at him in action

Talking to his buddy

Lining up to give "high fives" to the other team

We didn't practice this....

What are we doing?  They had no idea what to do!

This little kid was cute...he wanted hugs too ha!

Daddy, Josiah and his buddy Matthew

The guys...I LOVE my new zoom lens, but I had to stand a mile away to capture this one ha!

El Jinete for lunch with my family

Proud parents :)

Sissy was a little jealous...Gabby and Joseph say it's that  "middle child syndrome"  

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