Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gwinnett Braves Opening Game

We were so excited to take the kids to the Gwinnett Braves game.  Josiah has been begging us to go watch the Braves and he was beyond ecstatic when he found out we were going to the G Braves game.  We decided to bring Mackenzie Faith along, I guess it's because she is my third, but I am comfortable taking her anywhere.  I always hesitated with the other two and they didn't go to their first sporting event until they were much older than her, but I was so glad that I brought her with us.  Thanks to my Moby Wrap she was great!  I still think it's funny at the stares and "you have your hands full" remarks that I get everywhere I go.  Yes people I have three kids and yes I have my hands full!  Ha!  We had awesome seats, but daddy didn't realize how close they were, his glove was on and he was on alert ready to catch a foul ball!  Thankfully no foul balls came our way and at the end of the game Joseph could finally breathe!  After the game we stayed and watched the fireworks and Mackenzie Faith slept through the entire show!  

Bobby Cox throwing out the first pitch

Thank goodness for my Moby!

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