Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Weeks a Little Late....

Well on Monday marked 30 weeks!!!  I almost skipped this week because it's Friday and in two days I'll be 31 weeks.  But I couldn't go without telling you what we've been up to this past week.  As Mackenzie's arrival approaches and with two of my friends going into labor a month early (lucky girls....), Joseph has gone a little crazy.  Well not bad crazy, good crazy!  He is all about getting things done around the house and I love it.  This past week we finally got to work on Mackenzie's nursery.  I really wish I would have taken a before picture, but I was too embarrassed to take it and post it.  Let me tell you there was so much stuff and it was everywhere.  We used some skills we've learned from watching Hoarders (thank you Beth for introducing us to this show) and got rid of so much stuff.  Keep, donate or throw away!  Our curb was full of trash on trash pick up day.  It's a work in progress, but we got a lot done this week.

 Since we had cleared out so much stuff there was finally room to set up the crib!  Joseph put it together while Josiah and I supervised.  Joseph even let Josiah help him.  Josiah was so excited and kept telling me he wanted Mackenzie to come now!

I wanted to get a picture of the finished product and the two of them, but my battery died....

This week has been a good week.  I've perfected the pregnancy waddle and feel like my belly needs it's own zip code!  I'm 10 pounds away from what I would like to gain with this pregnancy....and feel that with the holidays coming I might be in some trouble!  My toes have become my best friends, because without them a lot of stuff would remain on the ground.  My shoes are getting a little snug.  This is a first for me because I had no swelling with my other two.  Oh and did you know that a dry nose is a symptom of pregnancy??!?  I tell ya!  Pregnancy never ceases to surprise me.  I don't like this symptom because everyone can hear me breathing!!!  So annoying.  I can no longer tie my shoes without hiking my foot up, holding my breath, squishing my tummy, and tying as fast as I can. Braxton Hicks really hurt this time around and I seem to have them more often than I did with the other two.  I am seriously down to a couple of outfits that I fit into comfortably and I just refuse to buy new maternity clothes with a couple of weeks to go!  

Although the above paragraph makes it sound like I am miserable...well I am ha!  At least my body is, but I am so excited about this baby girl!  I can not wait to hold her and have her with me, alive and healthy.  

I Have a Problem...

It never the end of my pregnancies I become "addicted" to a particular smell...  With Josiah it was Clorox Wipes the ones in the yellow container.  I remember cleaning my counters daily just so that I could smell the wipes.  With Mary Elisabeth it was Pine Sol.  I've never used Pine Sol to clean anything, but for some reason when I was pregnant with her I just wanted to smell it!!  Well I have found my sniffing pleasure with Mackenzie are you ready????  Dum dum dummmm......GAIN Laundry Detergent!!  Oh my goodness it smells so good.  Each load I put in I make sure to smell the container.  Ha ok....there you have it I'm totally wacko, but pregnancy makes you wacko sometimes.  These hormones, weird smell cravings, and everything else is just out of control!  Can you tell I'm ready to NOT be pregnant anymore???!!!!  Ahhhh just a couple of more weeks....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Special Night With a Surprise Ending

A couple of months ago Joseph and I introduced Josiah to Toy Story 1 and 2.  He was instantly in love.  We promised him a trip to the movie theater to watch Toy Story 3.  Unfortunately, the pregnancy sickness was over bearing and then I was put on bed rest.  So tonight we FINALLY watched Toy Story 3.

When I left work I went to CVS because they had a promotion going.  If you spent $25 or more on certain proctor and gamble products you got the DVD for $3.99.  I spent $33 and saved $28, it felt great.  I have quit clipping coupons, but I really do need to start back up again soon!  Saving money is so addictive and I love the feeling you get when you see that magic number that tells you how much you saved.

I wanted to plan a special night for Joseph and the kids.  Joseph has been working so hard and is constantly on the go.  I wanted to prepare a special meal for him.  As you know we have started Apples of Gold on Monday nights.  During our first meeting Janice taught us to make a wonderful meal.  She also talked about making dinner time special by setting the table and making it look nice.  I was really inspired by her and decided to "put that into practice".  Joseph was running a little late so I went ahead and gave the kids their dinner and baths.  On the menu...chicken pie, green beans, rolls and a salad.  For desert we had peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  I set the table, turned up the music, lighted a candle and waited on my love.  He was so surprised when he walked in the door and smelled dinner and saw the table.    

Joseph and I ate dinner and the kids had vanilla ice cream.  I wanted all of us to sit at the table together so I told the kids that they could have desert while mommy and daddy ate dinner.

When I picked the kids up from school I told them I had a special surprise for them.  Josiah was so excited and ready.  He kept asking for his "prise."

Waiting on their "surprise"

What's in the bag daddy??
(Disregard my "happy birthday" was the only thing I could find!)

What is it sissy??


Can we watch it???

Let the movie begin!

Unfortunately sissy didn't last too long.  She was exhausted, so we paused the movie, prayed, and tucked her in.  Little man made it almost to the end of the movie, but not quite...

My precious little man...he was so tired!

Okay so totally did not expect to cry during an animated movie.  I absolutely loved the movie and yes I balled at the end.  I kept picturing my little ones growing up and heading to college....ahhhh I need to stop don't want to start the waterworks again!!!!

It felt so good to prepare all of this for my family.  I loved every minute of it!  Everything seemed to go wrong at first, but I kept a positive attitude and didn't let the devil discourage me.  I have been praying and asking God to give me a serving spirit and to help me be the Godly wife and mother that He wants me to be.  I don't want this to be a "once every now and then moment".  I want to make dinner special every night and have my husband and children look forward to it.  I want them to remember our times at the dinner table for years to come!  You may think "they don't notice," or "seriously...every night...go out of MY way to plan a special dinner for my family."  Well let me tell you they DO notice and they DO remember it for years to come (just ask Janice!).  And the more I dig into God's Word, the more He clarifies that my role as a wife and mother is to care for the needs of my husband and children.  I am to be selfless and full of love for them.  My needs should come after theirs... and by doing this God will take care of my needs. 

I enjoyed serving my family and adding tonight to our "special memories bank."

Precious Moments

A couple of nights ago I caught this precious moment on camera...

I love this one!

Melts my heart...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

29 Weeks

So I have to admit my blog has been a little slow these last few days, but life has been a little crazy and this third trimester is kicking my booty.  I am constantly tired and uncomfortable.  It's so hard to get up in the morning and I am in the bed by 10 every night.  I think I would stay in the bed all day if I could.  It's ironic isn't it?  I started this pregnancy on bed rest and was ready to get out of the bed and off the couch.  Now I'm off bed rest and all I want to do is lay in the bed and rest ha!  

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and would you believe....I am normal??!!  Glucose is normal, thyroid is normal, baby is measuring normal...I am NORMAL.  Woohoo!!!  Praise God for a Normal appointment! 

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!