Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Little Behind

Wow....It's been forever!! I can not believe my last post was about sissy's 1st birthday. So much has happened since then that it would probably take me forever to catch you up! So I have broken them down into a list:

1. Our biggest change is that in October, I went back to work! I started out as a full time grant employee, but was offered a full time permanent position in November. I started as full time in January.
2. The kids started daycare. This makes me so sad, but it has honestly been a smooth transition. They have done very well and love school so much. They look forward to it every morning, and it definitely makes it easier when they enjoy it as much as they do!
3. We started a locksmith business! North Georgia Lock and Key! In January, Joseph went full time with the business. God is so great! He provides work and I can not believe how much He has blessed the business. Joseph is busy everyday and its amazing to watch. 
4. Our little man turned 3! Friday was Josiah's birthday and for the first time he knew what was going on. Or at least he knew that birthday meant cake and presents :). We took cupcakes to school and him and his friends were able to enjoy and celebrate his birthday. On Saturday, we had a Spiderman Birthday Party. He loves Spiderman and enjoyed all of the gifts from everyone!

That has been our past couple of months in a nutshell. I do have to say that even with all of the major changes, we have been able to transition well. God is so good and I know that all of this has been possible because of Him!