Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crafts, Cookies, and Tears...Oh My!

I was so excited about this particular Saturday morning.  Daddy was going off to work and the kids and I were ready for a morning of making Santa Claus ornaments and baking cookies.  Well....let's just did NOT go as I envisioned it!  I should have known better when we started off with sissy falling off the chair and landing on her back....cue the crying.  After loving on her and making sure she was ok we were ready to get started!  The entire time we were making the ornaments, Mary Elisabeth fussed....I would stick on Santa's glove and she would take it off, I would stick his eyes on and she would take them off.....!  By now we were probably on her pitching fit number five...  But I was so determined to get these Santa ornaments done and cookies baked!!  I was actually quite proud of myself because I stayed cool, calm, and collected the whole time.  After we were (FINALLY) done with the ornaments we moved on to the cookies.  Josiah immediately got out of his chair, ran to the fridge and took the cookies out... I asked him to pose for the camera with sissy, but he wouldn't let sissy hold the cookies so....cue crying and screaming fit number six ha!  He finally let her hold the box, but she was still not happy.  I moved the chairs up and of course Josiah cried because he wanted sissy's chair... We put the cookies on the cookie sheet and after fits seven and eight they were ready to bake.  After fits number nine, ten, and twenty minutes of waiting on the cookies they were done!  I gave the kids their cookies with milk and they seemed to be happy.  In the end Josiah loved the cookies and sissy hated them!  She decided to have some animal crackers instead ha!  After our eventful morning sissy continued to be fussy so I took her to her room and she slept for three hours!!!  Poor baby I guess she was just tired. 

As much as I wanted to scream and pitch a fit of my own while all of this was going on I kept my cool.  I think because as I watched them I became a little sad.  They are about to have a new baby sister and I do not want them to think that I do not love them as much anymore.  I remember at one point during one of the many crying fits, I just held Mary Elisabeth with tears in my eyes because I want them to know that they are so special to me and I love them both very much.  I went through the same thing with Josiah when sissy was born and it was ok.  I just pray for a smooth transition for our family as we enter this new chapter in our lives. 

So even though this Saturday morning was not exactly what I had planned...I am still thankful because I have two little ones who I love with all my heart!  So enjoy the next couple of pictures of our Saturday morning...

What did Fritz bring us??

Santa Claus Ornaments!

We're ready mommy! (Before sissy's fall...)

Putting on Santa's belt

"I want to hold the cookies!"

"I don't want sissy to hold the cookies..."


"I don't want bubba to hold the cookies..."

Pitching fit number 6, 9 or who knows ha!

Placing the cookies on the cookie sheet

Watching the cookies bake

All done with Santa Claus

Putting her Santa on the tree

Warm Cookies

Cookies and Chocolate Milk...Yum!

Yuck! Ha!

Almost 36 Weeks

32ish Weeks...

In just 2 more days I will be 36 weeks and FINALLY full term!  On Monday and Tuesday I had some pretty intense contractions.  They were about 10-15 minutes apart, but thankfully after a full day of sitting on the recliner watching t.v. they went away.  I am still having about 2-3 an hour.  It's really gotten me a little anxious and overwhelmed because I have soooo much to do and no energy to do it.  I have bathrooms to clean, loads of laundry to finish, floors to vacuum, sweep and mop, a car to clean, bags to pack and I'm sure that I am forgetting a couple of things. Not to mention all of my baby shower gifts are still in the back of my car (almost 4 weeks later) and Mackenzie's room is no where near being finished.  I keep trying to remind myself that all of it will get done and if it does's ok, but it's not calming me down!  I'm normally prepared by 36 weeks with bags packed, house spotless and then at 38 weeks I load the bags and car seat in the car...  I do not feel prepared at all... 

Ok....pity party over!  I am getting to work once I am done updating my blog :)

It's Been a While...

It's been a while!  I have had lots of new post ideas, but my laptop has a virus and I haven't been able to upload my pictures.  So I am going to take advantage of the fact that Joseph forgot his laptop today!  So here it goes....  Let me catch you up on what's been going on at The Eterno's!