Saturday, April 23, 2011

Instead of dying Easter Eggs...

Well the plans were to dye Easter Eggs Saturday morning before Josiah's game, but instead we decided to go to Dairy Queen for breakfast!  Our Dairy Queen in Jefferson has homemade pancakes and biscuits it's really good!  Not too good for my waistline, but oh well!  I think it was a fantastic idea...and the Easter Eggs... well, we'll just have them for breakfast. There's always next year :)

After Dairy Queen we stopped by the dry cleaners to get Joseph's pants for Easter and hit up Starbucks for a White Chocolate Mocha.  Dairy Queen and Starbucks equals a perfect morning!  After Starbucks it was time for Bubba's game. Nonny, My mom and Josh came out to watch.    

This was Nonny's first time watching Little Man.  He was so excited!

After Bubba's game we came home while daddy went out to do a few jobs.  When he was finished we went to Mall of Georgia and Five Guys.  It was a little crazy, but my hubby is so sweet to come along on my "shopping adventures."  When we came home it was time to get everything ready for church in the morning.  I also decided to give the kids their baskets tonight because Sunday mornings are crazy around our house.  The Easter Bunny didn't visit me as a kid and doesn't visit my kids either ha!  I set up their stuff while daddy entertained them in the living room.  Josiah picked out his gift at Target the day before.  He's into the movie Cars again and wanted a set of Car' was on clearance 50% off!  He went ahead and opened it...I hated having to make him wait until tonight.  I also decided on NO candy this year!  It was a good decision.

Bubba's gifts

Sissy's gifts

Miss Faith
(The bumbo was sissy's, but I took it out to let Faith sit in it and get a picture.  Took the picture, but forgot the baby ha!)

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