Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learning New Things

The kitchen and I have always had a love/hate relationship.  Yes I am Mexican and I should be able to make these elaborate Mexican meals.  BUT.  I.  Can't.  I did however learn to make rice and that's about it.  Shame on me for not being an observer in the kitchen while my mom cooked dinner.  I will never forgive myself ha!  I've had to learn a lot now that I am a wife and mom.  During our first years of marriage, Joseph and I spent a lot of time in restaurants and drive-thrus.  I didn't even know how to cut an onion!  But my prayer the past few years has been for wisdom and the capacity to provide nutritious meals for my family.  I've slowly  learned a few things and have come to love being in the kitchen.  A couple of months ago during Apples of Gold, I felt challenged to be a better wife and mother.  One of the areas that I felt I needed to work on was cooking.  Since then I have spent many hours searching the Internet, flipping through books, trying to find new ideas for meals.  On Monday, I was able to have the current Apples of Gold students at my house and showed them how to make a very yummy, easy meal!  I definitely feel like I'm on the right track and pray each day.  It's planning, grocery shopping (with three kids), preparation, cooking, but It's become very enjoyable.  

Last night Joseph helped me with the prep work.  It was fun being in the kitchen together, but of course with three kids, it was cut short ha!  He sat with the kids while they watched Toy Story 3 and fed Mackenzie Faith.  This was a very simple meal to make.  I did however, add an iron skillet on my "to get" list.  With the iron skillet I could have put it straight in the oven after cooking it on the stove instead of putting it in a casserole dish.  Next time, I'm going to leave the cornbread topping off so that I won't feel too bad about adding the rolls to the meal!  We're watching our carbs ha!

This recipe is from Kellys Korner, but I believe she got it from Paula Deen! 

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