Monday, August 23, 2010

19 Weeks Doctor's Appointment Update

This is our little girl, Mackenzie Eliana.  Today we went to the doctor and had our  "big" ultrasound.  They checked all of Mackenzie's organs and growth.  It all looked great.  She is perfect!  Her heartbeat was good and let me tell you this girl loves to move.  She was all over the place and I can not help but smile as I write this because I am so in love.  In the picture above she had her hand in her mouth, can you believe how amazing that is?  God is so awesome!  

Here is another picture of our baby girl.  We also had a DVD made that we can not wait to show the kids.  Mackenzie looks great and I am so thankful that she is healthy.  She weighs 10 ounces so she is almost a pound.  Let me tell you, she already has us wrapped around her little finger.  I can not wait to meet her.

As far as my status goes....the hematoma is still there.  During the ultrasound they found a new bleed as well as placenta previa.  My mid-wife went ahead and referred me to perinatologist.  We will see him on Wednesday and are praying that he will have some good news for us.  So bed rest will continue...I really hoped to see some kind of improvement, but I know God is good and it is all in His hands.  

Please continue to pray for us.  We are going into my fifth week of bed rest and fourth week without my pay check.  Joseph is exhausted and it's hard not being able to help him.  I am so blessed to have him as my husband.  Him and his mom have done so much in the past month.  Joseph gets the kids up, gets them dressed, takes them to school, works all day, picks the kids up, brings them home, and some days goes back to work.  His mom comes over after work and cooks dinner, washes clothes, cleans my house and helps Joseph get the kids ready for bed.  It is so hard watching them do all this while I sit on the couch, but I am so unbelievably thankful for them.  God has blessed us so much and has shown us that He has everything under control.  Joseph has had more work than he knows what do with (praise God!) and is constantly making new contacts for future jobs.  As every week goes by we are continually in awe of what He's doing in our lives.  

There are days when I feel discouraged and become anxious about the future, but I continue to cast my anxiety on Him.  I can not get down and I can not let myself doubt His almighty power.  Do I believe He can heal my body and make it all better?  Of course He can, but that's not His plan right now and I'm okay with that.    If all of this makes me stronger in Him and brings me closer to Him than how can I complain.  I can not take this into my own hands it has to stay in His.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."  
Romans 12:12

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