Thursday, May 12, 2011

Suite C12

Last Thursday Joseph, Josiah and I headed down to Atlanta for the Hawks vs. The Bulls playoff game.  Too bad the Hawks lost pretty bad.  They just couldn't keep up and get past that 10 point difference.  They gave up too quick and although we were dissappointed we really enjoyed ourselves!  Joseph and Doby bought season tickets for next year and their season ticket representative called Joseph with four suite tickets for free!!  Yes, $540 worth of tickets!  Originally it was going to be Joseph, Doby, and I, but Doby was so kind to give his ticket to Little Man.  We had such a good time and the suite was so nice we really didn't care that we lost.  Well...Joseph did, but me?..nah!  There's always next year.

It was all inclusive.  All you can eat and drink.  

We stopped on our way out to buy Josiah a headband.  He wanted to be like Josh Smith.  I am still amazed at how he knows all of the players.  We're gonna miss you Hawks, but on to the Atlanta Braves.  Our family takes no breaks when it comes to sports!  Something that was not so fun for me in the past, but has become another part of our Eterno Adventures :)!

*Joseph's highlight of the day was riding the elevator with Craig Sagar, TNT announcer.  He's the one that always wears the crazy suits.  He sat in the suite beside us.  We wanted to get a picture with him before the end of the game, but he was too busy hitting on a girl half his age, was quite wasted, and him and the girl left before half time... Oh well!*

But I created a picture of my own haha!

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