Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Lock Them Doors

I'm in the living room when I suddenly hear the front door shut.  I don't think too much of it because I am constantly getting on to the kids about opening and shutting the door.  Josiah comes into the living room, I ask him who shut the door and he says "Sissy did."  I call for Sissy and no answer.  I asked Josiah where Sissy was and he said outside.  I run to the front door and see this...

Sissy what are you doing??  She says mommy "I need help, the door is locked."  What are you doing Sissy??, "I'm getting my flip flop!"  I thought she was too cute, but of course I had to let her know in my firm mommy voice that we don't go outside by ourselves and if she needs something she needs to ask Mommy.  She says "ok, Mommy I need help, I need my flip flop!" 

After looking for her flip flop and finding it INSIDE THE HOUSE, I took my keys and "locked them doors!"

Side Note:  Sissy hates wearing clothes...

Ladies and gentlemen these pictures are a reenactment... just thought I'd throw that in there since Joseph reminded me that if something happened to her I would go to jail...  I'm not a bad mom I promise!

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