Friday, May 6, 2011

Girl in Her Underwear

Josiah: "Mommy I want to watch my movie of the little girl in her underwear (as he giggles).
Me: "Umm... ok babe let's not say that.  I'm thinking what in the world!  Josiah is going through a phase where he likes talking about his booty, poopy, underwear, you know I guess every little boy goes through it...(I hope!).  So I am constantly reminding him that we don't say that or we don't talk about that.  Or we don't pull our pants down and show people our underwear...oh geez.... praying he grows out of this phase soon!


So he runs to his playroom and comes back with his movie and says, "See mommy she doesn't have any clothes on!"

I look and can't help but laugh!  So this morning we are sitting in the living room watching the girl in her underwear movie haha!  

Tarzan II

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