Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awana Awards

Another year of Awana has come and gone.  Josiah has finished up his second year and Sissy her first.  On Sunday we watched our littles receive their awards.  

This year Mary Elisabeth was in Puggles.  They played their video through the screen.  It was so cute watching them sing, dance and scream to the music.  I am so thankful for her teachers and will miss them terribly next year.  They are so patient and so loving with all our kids.  

This was Josiah's second year in Awana and first year in Cubbies.  He will stay in Cubbies one more year before moving up.  This year Josiah had to "work."  They would send a book home and he would study a verse that he would recite for his teachers.  

Receiving his award and teddy bear to pin on his vest

Thanks for coming Nonnie and Papa Rob.  Your spiritual influence in our lives is priceless.  
We love you!

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