Friday, May 6, 2011

Some More Easter Fun

After Nana's we went to my mom's house to drop off the boys.  They were going to the Hawks game that night.  Josiah as always was so excited.  Before leaving I made Joseph take a quick picture with me!

Sissy helping my mom with the yard work. 

 After the boys left, the girls, Gabby, Jonathan and I went to Chili's for Dinner and then Sweet Monkeys for some Frozen Yogurt.  Before heading home we stopped at CVS for some popcorn and a movie from the Redbox machine.  I honestly can't even remember the name of the movie. All I remember is Gabby passed out in the middle of it and Jonathan and I stayed up to watch it, but were so confused the entire time.  It was one of those movies that goes on and on and on...never ends and when it does you are left confused...  

The boys came home around midnight or so and we loaded up and went home.   

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