Saturday, March 12, 2011

First of Many

After two cancelled practices due to rain Josiah FINALLY was able to go to T-Ball practice.  He was in heaven the entire practice and when it was done we had a very upset little man on our hands.  Sorry about the pictures, I was so upset when I came home and realized I had my camera on the wrong setting...ugh! 

Josiah and his friend Matthew running around daddy haha.  They were supposed to be waiting on the ball, but they got bored.  Hey...they are three and four year olds...their attention span is not long at all.  I'm curious to see what the games will be like.  

I know this is just the beginning for him.  He loves baseball so much...  It's not something we've pushed on him either.  This kid has a genuine love for the game.  His daddy and I could not be more proud...and daddy is loving every minute of it.  I think he's in heaven to :)!

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