Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fire Up The Grill Daddy

Tonight our grill was fired up for the first and definitely not the last time this year.  Here it is folks, tonight's dinner...

Grilled Italian Chicken with corn and green beans.

Can't forget the cornbread!

This was Elisabeth's "after" picture of her plate.  She LOVES to eat!

After dinner Josiah played with his flying saucer or whatever this toy is called!  Aunt Rose gave it to him for his birthday.  He had a blast with it.  He kept yelling "arriba arriba," which is up in Spanish and "abajo abajo," which is down in Spanish.  The only thing he dislikes about it, is having to wait on it to charge up!

While Josiah was playing we turned around to find sissy back at the table taking her brother's leftovers ha!  I told y'all this girl LOVES to eat.  She's not a big fan of fast food at all, but when I cook she eats all of her share plus her brother's.

Sissy...whatcha doin'?

After finishing Bubba's food she STILL wanted more!

Josiah wanted a picture with his littlest sister

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