Friday, March 18, 2011

Hair Cut

This morning I took the kids to get a hair cut with Aunt Beth.  We pull up and they both decide they don't want a haircut!  Are you kidding me?  Seriously, I was about to have a mommy breakdown as I'm feeding Mackenzie and trying to bribe my kids to sit in Aunt Beth's chair.  "I want sissy to go first," Josiah kept saying and sissy was not having any part in it as she backed away saying no.  I bribed with ice cream, a trip to Target, a sucker, gum, and nothing... ugh I felt like I could cry.  Not to mention these postpartum hormones have me sweating as if I just ran a marathon!  Just as I'm thinking we are going to leave without a haircut Aunt Beth whispers something in Josiah's ear and he FINALLY sits in the chair....ahhh...Thank you God!

A BIG thanks to Aunt Beth for being so patient with us...Love You!

Sissy has had a rough time lately.  I'm not sure if she has molars coming in or what, but she has been one fussy little girl.  We leave her paci at home and she has a fit!  She cried all the way to Chick-Fil-A and then all the way home.  When we get home I ask her and Josiah to stay inside while I get Mackenzie our of the car.  Sissy doesn't listen to mommy and comes outside running full force and barefoot.  She totally crashes and scrapes both of her knees and makes her toenail bleed.  The same toenail that she hurt a couple of weeks ago and looks like it might come off.  She cried while I cleaned her up and put a Dora bandaid on her toe.  Afterwards she wanted to lay on the couch with her sprite.  So here she is showing off her UNCUT hair ha!

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