Saturday, March 26, 2011

It Was a Sad, Sad Day

His uniform was all laid out by his bed.  His gear bag was packed and ready to go.  He woke up bright and early and put on his uniform hours before his game.  He was beyond excited, at breakfast his prayer was "God is good, thank you for my t-ball game, God is great..."  BUT.... we knew... rain was in the forecast.  Slowly the clouds rolled first we thought maybe it will hold off, but at about 10:30 we got the email..."all games are cancelled."  It was so hard to tell my little man that his very first t-ball game was cancelled due to rain, but as soon as the rain drops started falling...he knew.  He cried, I cried, Joseph cried, grandparents cried, but in the end Josiah understood.  He asked if he could wear his uniform all day...and I said of course.

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