Monday, September 27, 2010

If I Only Had a Brain

I am seriously feeling like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.  During this pregnancy I've become so spacey and slow ha!  Joseph is constantly laughing at me because he will tell me something and two minutes later, I won't remember what he told me.  I remember having a little bit of  "pregnancy brain" with Josiah and Mary Elisabeth, but this time around it is much worse.  I actually feel I have a bubble in my brain ha!  Yesterday we were picking up the kids from Sunday School Class and some of our friends were inviting us to go bowling.  I thought they meant that the kid's Sunday School Class was going bowling.  I even thought to myself (thank goodness not out loud), how can two and three year olds pick up a bowling ball and bowl?  I finally realized they were talking about OUR Sunday School Class ha!  I'm praying my brain will come back after Mackenzie is here, if not I may find myself traveling down the yellow brick road to see the Wizard of Oz!

I apologize for any past and future blog posts.....ha! I find myself reading them and thinking they make absolutely no sense, at least to me.  Maybe I should stick to pictures for the rest of the pregnancy.  All I have to say is thank goodness for spell check!

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