Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Friends

Friday night Joseph and I went out on a double date with our friends Tiffany and Tony.  They are expecting their first baby boy in November.  We've been friends for about seven or eight years...I think...forgive my pregnancy brain.  Joseph and Tony met at the Zeta house and became instant friends ha!  Through the years our friendship has continued and I am so thankful that it has.  We love them so much and can not wait to meet Baby Boy Lacey in November.

Dinner was cut short for Tony when he had to leave because of a work incident, but Joseph, Tiffany and I continued our night.  Dinner was delicious and we topped it off with a trip to Starbucks!  After coffee Joseph and I took Tiffany home.  Another night will have to be planned so that Tony can join us this time.

I can not believe how fast time has gone.  Seems like yesterday we were living in the Zeta House.  Now here we are with our preggo bellies.  I can not wait to see what the years to come will bring.  I am so excited about watching our kids grow up together. 

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