Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

Today we went to Joseph's Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Papa's 81st Birthday.  We had a wonderful time with our family.  Nana and Papa are so special to me.  Unfortunately all of my grandparents passed away during my younger years.  But when I married Joseph I gained 5!  I am so blessed and grateful that they have all taken me in as if I were their own.  Likewise I love each one of them and am so happy that I can share in these special moments with them.

Happy Birthday Papa!  We Love You!

Josiah and Clay blowing out the candles

Kayla and Sissy

Daddy and Sissy he says ;)

Clay, Josiah and Cooper

Highlight of the night....gathered around the t.v. to watch....

Slim Shady...AKA Matt!  Sooo funny... you just had to be there!

It was a wonderful night...good food, family, and lots of laughter!  It's was nice to take a break from all of our hectic and busy lives to come together and celebrate Papa's 81st....or as he says 18th!

Happy Birthday Pops!  

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