Monday, October 4, 2010

Snow Cones on a Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon when I came home from Project Hope, Joseph and I took the kids to Tanger.  Joseph had to make keys to a car and I thought it would be nice to get the kids out.  Since being released off bed rest I have been trying to catch up!  I've enjoyed thinking of new things for the kids, Joseph and I to do and have loved "documenting" it all.  I am so thankful for this blog!  I am not a scrapbook person....don't have the patience with scissors, glue, and all that stuff.  Not to mention the mess you have to clean up when you are done!  Since I've discovered blogging I've enjoyed recording all of our family outings, random thoughts, and anything else I want to post.  It's also motivated me to take pictures of the kids and plan fun things to do as a family.  My ultimate goal is to make a book out of all of my postings so that I can have a hard copy of all of our memories.

Anyways....kinda got off topic there ha!

What was I talking about??  Tanger..that's right!  When we got there I rented a double cart for the kids to sit while I pushed them.  My oh my did I get my exercise!  Two kids in a double cart....that was tough, but the kids love riding in it and it's the only way to keep them controlled on my own.  We noticed the snow cone stand was open, (totally unexpected since she did not open during the summer), and could not resist!  I thought about it for a second "hmmm my kids are going to get it all over I really want to do this??"  But you know what?  For a long time I have tried to keep my kids nice and tidy, which do not get me wrong IS a good thing.  But I've learned that sometimes the most fun is had when you are making a mess.  So Josiah got a strawberry snow cone and Mary Elisabeth got a grape one.  They did great!  We had some spills on their clothes and red and purple lips when all was done, but we had a good time.

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