Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (Monday)

 Joseph decided to take the day off.  It was so nice having him at home all day.  Mom, dad, tio Gualberto, tia Leonor, Tia Chela, Tio Marcos and Josh were all coming over for lunch.  Joseph and I woke up bright and early.  Joseph brought the ladder out and we dusted and cleaned our high ceilings.  My hubby is a little scared of heights so he held the ladder and I climbed and cleaned.

After cleaning up, Joseph and the kids went to the Mexican grocery store in Gainesville to buy meat and veggies.  It's so much better when you buy it there and cheaper too!  On the way there they stopped by Nana and Papa's house to check on them.  Papa is war veteran, I thought that was sweet of Joseph to go by there with the kids on Memorial Day. 

When Joseph and the kids returned I went to Kroger to buy a couple of more things and then came home to start preparing the meat.  We celebrated Memorial Day...Mexican style!

My uncle has got to be the best "griller" out there!  He does an amazing job at grilling the meat.  It's juicy and tender and well done! 

The finished product!  Carne asada, rice with veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole, salsa, chiles and no Mexican meal is complete without tortillas! 

I was so happy to have my family over for lunch.  Also happy because they all helped with lunch.  It's so nice to have family close by and to see them often.  Most of our family on my side live in another state or country.  It's nice to have my tias and tios (aunts and uncles in spanish) here for a while!

Tia Leonor made the pico and guacamole

Tio Gualberto

Tia Chela made the salsa

Such a nice afternoon with family!

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