Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day (Monday) Saved the Best for Last

The best part of Memorial Day was the slip and slide and water sprinkler we bought for the kids.  Joseph just couldn't resist and had to join in on the fun.  He said he needed to "show" the kids how to slide... sure baby sure haha!  The kids and Joseph had a blast! I think we've found our summer relief activity!

After her diaper was so soaked it fell off and we chased her around in her birthday suit she let us put her swim suit on!

Haha!  I thought this one was funny.

Taking a break to eat lunch

Sweet Sissy

Round #2 included Uncle Josh coming out to play

And this is what happens when the neighbor's dog gets loose... spoiled the fun and inside for baths ha!

Thankfully Sissy continued to play...  My fearless girl!

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