Monday, June 6, 2011

A Full Sunday

Oh me...  we are so exhausted around here!  I think it will take days, weeks to recover.  Gabby's wedding was amazing, but those that stayed behind cleaned up after they left.  My poor little feet are feeling the effects of the very tall, sparkly, cute shoes!  After a busy Friday and Saturday we couldn't end the weekend without a busy Sunday!  We went to church...aimed for the 9:30 service, but made it to the 11!  Josh met us at church and afterwards we met my cousins who were in town for the wedding and their kids at Fuego in Buford.  After lunch we walked around the mall and turned the tuxes from the wedding back in.  We headed back home, I ran in to get some clean bottles for Mackenzie Faith and we went back to church.  After evening service we went to my mom and dad's to tell our cousins good bye!  We really enjoyed getting to see them and meet Leah and Adrian, but I wish they would have stayed longer.  It's so hard living so far away from our family.  Thank you Yazmin and Judy for driving and flying out to Georgia to share Gabby's special day with all of us!  Come back soon and stay longer!! Here are a couple of pictures from our Sunday.

Josiah at Fuego
Judy and Sissy
I think Adrian had a question ha!
It was tough keeping them all still!

Such sweet memories...
When Josiah woke up this morning he said he wanted to go play with Leah and Adrian.  I told him that they had gone back home and weren't at my mom's anymore.  He asked where do they live and I said far away.  He thought for a moment and responded, "mommy, can we get in the car and drive far far away?...Do you know where that is?"

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