Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The End of 2010 in Pictures

So much went on towards the end of the year... My computer got a virus and left me without the ability to post.  Here are a couple of pictures from the end of the year...

We put up our tree a couple of days after Thanksgiving.  We like to put it up and let it "breathe," if you can say that an artificial tree breathes ha!  But anyways we put it up a couple of days before we set all the decorations on it so that the leaves can fall into place.

I think it was two weeks before we started to decorate  

Being full term I was just too tired to do it all myself.  The kids really enjoyed helping me decorate.  Yes they stayed mostly to the lower left side of the tree, leaving my tree to look like this...

If you know me I am a hands on do it my self kind of girl, so letting them do the majority of the ornament hanging was a little difficult for me.  I remember thinking I can not wait for them to go to bed so that I can fix the ornaments.  In the end, I left it alone.  It grew on me! 

I bought this ornament the year after Joseph's dad passed away.  We miss Papa Vince so much...

I think Fritz was running out of places to appear at....daddy told the kids Fritz had a cold ha!

The week of Nonnie's birthday we all went to Applebees....after a couple of shots I think I finally got a good one!  Happy Birthday Nonnie!

This was Christmas at my parents... My kids are totally spoiled thanks to my parents, brother, sister and JRob.  Josiah went crazy when he opened these two.  He opened Woody and said "I wanted this!"  

Christmas Morning at our house

Merry Christmas Bubba!

Merry Christmas Sissy

Christmas at Nonnie and Papa Rob's house

We just keep on growing...

Nonnie and Papa Rob with the grand kids

Nonnie and Sissy :)

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