Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I shared with you a couple of days ago, this month has been a tough month for us financially. This morning as I read my devotion, God reminded me that His promises are strong enough to handle any trial, situation, or circumstance in my life. In the devotional that I am reading, Catherine Martin wrote, "The promises that God has given you are worth more than any earthly possessions; the promises of God make you a spiritual multimillionaire." I am rich in the Lord and He is all I need.

As I checked our bank account online this morning and reminded myself that my hope is in the Lord, I received a phone call from the insurance company who is working our case. For those of you that do not know, about a month ago the kids and I were in a car accident. Thankfully it was not my fault and the other driver's insurance has taken responsibility for the costs. The representative wanted to talk to me about the bill from the hospital. Now you may want to take a seat, because what happened next is amazing. It went something like this.....

Representative: "ma'am I also wanted to know if you would accept a check for your pain and suffering"

Me: "You mean like you are going to give me a check...for me?

Representative: "Yes, and would you accept this amount for your son?"

Me: "You are sending me money for my son too...ok yes..." (As I thought to myself, is this really happening)

Representative: "Ok well I will go ahead and send you the check for the depreciation of value, a check for your pain and suffering, a check for your son's pain and suffering, and we are also going to send you a check in the amount of $___ to replace your car seats."

Me: " So I don't need to buy them first and then send you a receipt to be reimbursed.

Representative: "No, we will go ahead and send you the check. I am sending them out today."

After our conversation was over I was overwhelmed in joy. I went and told Joseph and he did not know how to respond. I was speechless, but at the same time I wanted to scream and shout Praise God, Praise God!! The amount they are sending is exactly what we needed to get through the month.  How awesome it is to know that when you give it all to the Lord you will have no regrets! I sit here and my eyes are full of tears because I am so thankful and feel so blessed! Philippians 4:19 says, "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." I am living proof of that. God wants us to cast all our fears and anxiety on Him because he cares for us. He loves us so much that He says "hey, I got this."

Trust the Lord and give it all to Him. When you do, hold on because He WILL show up!
The same promises that I hold on to are yours as well. Hold on to His promises, trust in Him, cast all your anxiety and fears on Him and sit back and watch Him work.

I Love Ya'll

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