Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beep Beep

Enjoyed watching the kids play this morning.  They had a full morning...complete with a trip to target and a couple of other stops on the way.  I Love their imaginations and how they can take a simple breakfast table and it suddenly becomes their very own car!  They would pull the chair out, get in and pull the chair back as if they were closing the "door."  I had fun watching them play together and am thankful for special times like these when they are not going back and forth with each other.  Makes me feel like I might be doing something right after all ha!

It was sissy's turn to drive

Cranking the "car"

Playing cool in the driver's seat

Oh...and this trip to Target included a pit stop too!  I heard them making "pooting" noises.  When I came over to check out what they were doing I found sissy with her pants down, sitting on the window sill.  I, in my "serious mommy voice" proceeded to tell her that "we do not pull our pants down and sit on the window...  I did my best at not laughing because it was just so darn funny!  

As you can see I had to use my "serious mommy voice" for bubba too.  My kids seriously come up with the strangest things, but I love it! 

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