Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Girls' First Braves Game

After not being able to find a sitter for Mackenzie I decided to stay behind while the rest of the gang went to the Braves game.  But after realizing that I missed Sissy's first Hawks game and I was about to miss her first Braves game I decided we would ALL go!  It was the fastest I've gotten us all ready to hit the road!  Snacks, drinks, plenty of diapers, change of clothes, miscellaneous baby/kid stuff, and pajamas were packed and we were off to a night in Atlanta to watch the Braves.   I am so glad I decided to go because it was one of the best nights that we have had as a family.  We left early and arrived at the ballpark in time to walk around and eat dinner at the Chop House.  The kids had a blast and were so well behaved.  I don't think I stressed at all the entire night.  My sweet Mackenzie continues to surprise me.  She is SO easy...I know you hate me, but hey...she's our third, I deserve it ;) ha!

Where are we going Sissy?

Thank goodness for our new jogging stroller!

Almost 12 years of dating and 7 years of marriage and  I am still crazy  in love with my sweet man!
Someone was excited about her first Braves game!
What a great evening!
And of course perfect ending to a perfect evening...The Braves defeated the Colorado Rockies 5 to 3!

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