Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Few Pictures

Josiah is growing up so fast. He is talking so much and is a smart little boy. I love the way he can brighten my day by turning to me and saying "love you mommy." He is a mess and I love him to death!

My baby girl! She is the sweetest prettiest baby girl I have ever seen! She is so precious and full of life. She has two teeth coming in and a smile that can light up a room! She is my little lady bug!

We put her in a new seat and she loves it. She started getting fussy in the infant seat just like brother did around this age. We figured it was time to switch her into a bigger seat and it has definitely made car rides a little quieter! Thank you mom for buying it for her!

I was so nervous to put him in a "big kid" seat, but Josiah has proved to be ready. We made sure he met all the requirements and is doing very well. He even reminds me to put my seat belt on before we pull out of the driveway!

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