Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

December has definitely been a crazy busy month. We attended 1 Birthday Party and 7 Christmas Parties this month, so you can only imagine how tired we are! We had an amazing time with our families and loved every minute of it. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts and time together. The picture above is our family on Christmas morning. Josiah loved all of his gifts from Daddy and Mommy. Joseph woke him up at about 7 AM and asked him if he was ready for presents. Joseph explained to Josiah that on Christmas morning he gets presents from Daddy and Mommy. He tells him that God has provided us with the ability to get him these gifts. We should always put God first in everything we do and honor him with our tithes. Although there are good and bad times the Lord will never leave us. He is still too young this year to fully understand, but we hope that in the years to come he will understand. Thankfully, Josiah woke up in a great mood and came in and saw his bike sitting under the tree. He immediately ran and took off the bow and sat on it. When he opened his helmet and knee pads he screamed "Georgia." He thought it was a football helmet! Joseph and I were teary-eyed the whole time. Mary Elisabeth was also in a great mood. She played on the floor kicking and giggling the whole time. It was an amazing morning Praise God!

The Eterno Four

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